" Dan di antara tanda-tanda yang membuktikan kekuasaanNya dan rahmatNya, bahawa Ia menciptakan untuk kamu (wahai kaum lelaki), isteri-isteri dari jenis kamu sendiri, supaya kamu bersenang hati dan hidup mesra dengannya, dan dijadikanNya di antara kamu (suami isteri) perasaan kasih sayang dan belas kasihan. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu mengandungi keterangan-keterangan (yang menimbulkan kesedaran) bagi orang-orang yang berfikir. " (Surah Ar-Rum : 21)

Friday, January 29, 2010

~ Kuiz FB yg agak relate dgn diri ku ~

1. Your ideal relationship is MARRIAGE

~ You've dated enough to know what you want. And that's marriage - with the right person. You're serious about settling down some time soon. Even if you haven't met the person you want to get hitched to! ~ (hahehu.......)

2. You Have an Inspired First Name

~ You are a highly original and naturally creative person. You are always thinking outside the box. You are have adventurous spirit, and you are extremely energetic. If you love something, it's easy for you to stay motivated. You have your own unique take on the world. Your views are both independent and progressive. You aren't shy about living a bold and interesting life. You are a bit stubborn and headstrong when it comes to what you believe in.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



1. Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage By Tanya Biank
Book overview
"Army Wives" goes beyond the sound bites and photo ops of military life to bring readers into the hearts and homes of today's military wives.
" "
Biank tells the story of four typical Army wives who, in a flash, find themselves in extraordinary circumstances that ultimately force them to redefine who they are as women and wives. This is a true story about what happened when real life collided with army convention.
"Army Wives" is a groundbreaking narrative that takes the reader beyond the Army's gates, taking a close look at the "other" woman--the Army itself--and how its traditions, rules and war-time realities deeply impact marriage and home life. "Tanya Biank has written a stunningly detailed, eye-opening account of what it is really like to be an Army wife. "Army Wives "demonstrates that while it is tough to be a soldier, it can be even tougher to be the wife of a soldier. "Army Wives "should be required reading for every military spouse and all those who are considering marrying into the military."
-- Ron Martz, Military affairs correspondent, "Atlanta Journal-Constitution" and co-author of "Heavy Metal: A Tank Company's Battle to Baghdad"
"Tanya Biank's experience as a reporter has produced a candid and detailed study of her subjects and a riveting story, certain to engage Army wives of all generations. The incidents described and the issues surfaced in Ms. Biank's hard-hitting piece surely will get her readers' attentions and will cause us to say to each other, 'Now, what can we do about it?'"
--Joanne Patton, the wife of Major General George S. Patton and the daughter-in-law of General George S. Patton, Jr.
""Army Wives "captivates readers with an up close and personal look into the 'real' everyday lives and challenges of Army spouses. Kudos to Ms. Biank for portraying each spouse's story with such heartfelt compassion."
--Victoria M. Parham, Host of Military Spouse Talk Radio Tanya Biank is a Fulbright scholar, an award-winning journalist, a former reporter for the" Fayetteville Observer," a monthly columnist for www.military.com and a contributing writer for "Military Spouse Magazine." Mark Gordon Productions and Touchstone TV have developed a pilot for a one hour TV series based on the book. The daughter of a career Army officer, Tanya lives in Virginia, with her husband, an Army officer assigned to the Pentagon.

2. Portraits of the Toughest Job in the Army: Voices and Faces of Modern Army Wives By Janelle H. Mock

Book overview
"My husband's aspirations in the Army are as high as the moon some days and deep into the sea the next. He loves it, I know it, but he doesn't like having to be away from us. It's hard to explain to people that your husband wants to go to war, but he does. He wants the experience. That is what he is trained to do. He feels as though he can't really know how long he wants to be in the Army until he has that experience behind him. I want what is best for him. I fear the danger of war, but I know he will not feel complete doing time in the Army until he sets foot on foreign soil. I am afraid, but I have to have a peace about it, because if I don't, I won't survive if he doesn't return. We have a peace that, whether together or apart, we are a family, always. I don't know exactly how or why I feel this way. Maybe, it's because my husband has been a Christian all his life. I can't put into words what type of peace that brings. Death, injury, or deployment, we are a family. I will always stand by my soldier and I will always stand by my husband."

3. Once There Was a War By John Steinbeck, Mark Bowden

Book overview
Nobel laureate John Steinbecks bracing from-the-frontlines account of World War IInow with a new cover and introduction In 1943 John Steinbeck was on assignment for The New York Herald Tribune, writing from Italy and North Africa, and from England in the midst of the London blitz. In his dispatches he focuses on the human-scale effect of the war, portraying everyone from the guys in a bomber crew to Bob Hope on his USO tour and even fighting alongside soldiers behind enemy lines. Taken together, these writings create an indelible portrait of life in wartime.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

di sekitar perkahwinan madie...


ni mse celebrate besday tqah...belated besday actually...

alkesah nye begini,mule2 kitowg sume g wedding madie..dlm kul 2 lbh gitu, kitowg pun blk...then, aku gase cm x puas ag jupe dowg ni. aku pn tanye la inna..die free ke x ptg tuh. die kata nk g kenduri kawen blkg umah jap..ptg myb free. then, aku psn kt die, bgtau la bile free. pe kata kite celebrate besday tqah. inna orait jek, then die tanye tqah nk kua ke? sbb tqah yg kena amek aku. adeh la inna ni, cm ne nk wt surprise kalo gitu. then, pujuk punye pujuk akhir nye inna bejaya mendapat kan kete ummi die. em, dgn uteh lak, die setuju je dgn cadangan aku. tp die xde kete nk kua. em, psl tqah ni yg ssh sket. aku mencari idea cm ne nk paksa tqah kua. then, aku anta msg kt die...smpai skrg aku hengat lg

"tqah! disebabkan pertemuan kite td cm kejap jek, aku cadangkan kite lepak kt kfc ptg ni, lg pun aku lapar gile ni, arap ko setuju..."

then, tqah bls: "dak lain ok ke? aku mls nk msg ni"

"ok, 2gu persetujuan ko jek"

"owh, ade sape2 yg aku nk kena amek x, selain ko & uteh?"

then, aku msg izyan, tp izyan xnak g...

aku btau uteh, nt tqah dtg amek die. yg aku lak nek kete dgn inna, g beli kek kt deli choice. sgt best kek tuh. after beli kek, terserempak dgn uteh di kaunter KFC. nsb tqah kt atas, kalo x, kantoi nmpak kek. hehehehe...after aku & inna order, aku pn kua kn kek tqah tuh. letak dlm dulang inna & wt xtau letak dpn tqah...tqah dgn muke x malu nye tanye,,,,,

"eh, kek sape ni?"

"kek kau la tqah...ssh pyh aku bg stmt lapa gle kt ko, kalo x, mst ko xnak kua kan?"

"hehe, tau xpe..."

uteh pn pe lg, siap suh tqah posing dgn kek 25th die tuh. sguh bangga tqah berposing. haha..lilin ade, tbe2 lighter lak xde. nsb uteh knal seseorg kt KFC tu, dgn selambe nye uteh g pinjam lighter. dpt la tqah meniup lilin kek ari jd nye...hukhuk...mcm2 agenda yg kami buat utk kena kn tqah, berposing dgn kek...